Starting a Portrait


Step 1 - Initial Consultation

This can be done over the phone or email. It is helpful if you email me a couple pictures so I can see the pet/pets we are talking about. I love to hear about their quirks and qualities!!

Things to think about:

1.  Head or full body, plain or detailed background?

2.  How many subjects are you interested in having me paint or sketch?

3.  What medium are you interested in - oil paints, water color pencil, or pencil sketch?

4.  What size portrait?

5. What is your budget - I do have payment plans available...

6.  I can make suggestions on medium, size (rectangle or square) and over-all composition depending on content.

7.  For pencil sketches and color pencil I can change the pose or add a prop to help really define your pet - just ask!!!

Step 2 - Deposit and Contract

1.  Feel free to review my contract and email me with any questions.

2.  A non-refundable deposit  is required before I start work on any project.

Print Contract

Step 3 - Accepting Art and Final payment

Once I feel the portrait is finished I will send you picture of it. Your opionion is very important to me if you have any changes now is the time. Once you are satisfied the final payment is due plus whatever shipping costs we have agreed on.