About Angel and Evie


Angel and Evie - Catching a Unicorn

Tells the tale of a little girl who dreams of catching a unicorn and, in a charming twist of fate, a unicorn who dreams of enchanting a little girl. How the two find a friendship that is made to last, delights the reader from beginning to end. The characters are heartwarming, and vibrantly colored illustrations draw the reader/listener into a wonderful world with unexpected surprises page after page.



Angel is a determined, high spirited young unicorn who lives in Einhorn, a magical land where she has dreamed of enchanting a little girl since she was a foal. There are very few creatures in her world who believe that a human girl exists. Clearly Angel has her work cut out for her if she is going to find one.



Evie is a tenacious little girl who lives in the real world, and dreams of catching a unicorn. There are very few people in her world who believe that unicorns exist and even fewer who are willing to help her find one. No doubt Evie will have to use all her determination to stay on track to find “her” unicorn.

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